Karl Fant

Honeywell Research Fellow
Three technology companies founded
One successful product developed – real time video insertion system
Two books written and published
Thirty five patents issued
IEEE senior life member
ACM senior member

1973 – 1991    Research scientist Honeywell Research Center
1988 appointed Honeywell Research Fellow
1991        Negotiated ownership of NCL and Invocation model IP from Honeywell
1990        Founded Theseus Research to develop and exploit the IP
1992 – 1994    Consulting: developed live video insertion system:
virtual ads in live TV – the yellow first down line
1996         Founded Theseus Logic to focus on NULL Convention Logic,
2002 – 2004    Wrote Logically Determined Design – Published by Wiley 2005fant front1book ouline          fant_science_798192 finaloutlinecroop copy
LDD contents                       CSR contents
2004 – 2006    Wrote Computer Science Reconsidered – Published by Wiley 2007
2006 – 2010    Pursued investment for flow graph architecture
2010        Cofounded Wave Semiconductor funded by Tallwood and Southern Cross
2014        Left Wave Semiconductor