Spontaneous Flow Structures

The misunderstanding
It is very difficult to coordinate control with spontaneously flowing data wavefronts.

The understanding
The flowing wavefronts control their own flow with their oscillation completeness and enable behaviors. There is no separate overriding control limiting the latency and throughput performance  of an NCL system.

The CBL model
The CBL model coordinates four behaviors to realize computation.

  • Combinational circuits partitioned into segments of clock tick duration.
  • A state machine which controls each combinational circuit’s flow from register to register each clock tic.
  • The registers which are little life boats maintaining variable values through the chaos of the clock tick.
  • And the clock itself beating the tempo of progression.

The NCL model
The NCL model is a structure of oscillations linked by combinational shared completeness behaviors. The structure is self coordinating. The NCL behaviors and the oscillations maintain the flowing variable values as an integral part of the self coordination. The structure is entirely in terms of NCL behaviors. It is entirely logically determined. There are no extra-logical behaviors such as a clock or memory devices and there is no explicit control such as a state machine. The counterpart of the state machine resides in the structure of the  linked oscillations.

Linear flow
conditional flow
iterative flow