Talking Oscillations

A flow path of linked oscillations does not need to be a single rail it just has to look like a single rail to the closure paths. The flow path can consist of multiple rails with a disjoint monotonic completeness relation. The simplest such relation is 1 of M. For instance, given three rails only one rail will become red, then it will transition to blue and all rails will be blue then one rail will transition to red, then transition to blue and so on. There is one completeness condition with exactly one rail red and another completeness condition with all rails blue. The two completeness relations can be appreciated with a 1 of M behavior identical to Boolean OR function. The detection of each completeness relation can generate the single rail closure path.

Oscillations can now transmit information. With a three rail flow path one of three different meanings can propagate along the flow path each oscillation. This is illustrated in the movie. The leftmost oscillation has a part that sets a different rail to red each oscillation: a one of three value that is propagated through the flow path from oscillation to oscillation.

If we call red data and blue null then we can say that the oscillations are flowing data values through their flow paths each data value separated by a “not data” null completeness. The data completeness relation for a flow path can be arbitrarily complex with a following transition to all null. Below illustrates a flow path with two groups of 1 of 4 relation and two groups of rails with a 1 of 2 relation. Data completeness is the transition of one rail from each group to data. The flow path can encode and flow 64 different meanings.

multi variable flow path

Distinct words can be formed across a flow path. The null completeness between words corresponds to the space between words in a written sentence. Oscillations can talk to each other in an arbitrarily complex language.

Given a flow path of 30  groups of 27 rails each, one rail for each letter in the English alphabet and one rail to indicate no letter, any English word of 30 characters or less can be represented and propagated. A flow path of 32 groups of two rails each can represent and transmit any 32 bit 2s complement number.