Computing Oscillations

Flow path data can combine  through interaction completeness behaviors and compute. The movie shows a two rail flow path representing a binary value and a three rail flow path representing a trinary value combining through a completeness behavior that adds the two values resulting in a four rail quaternary sum.

The interactive completeness behavior is derived from a transition table (truth table, function table, …) defining the output value for all possible combinations of input values.

0 1 2
binary 0 0 1 2 quaternary
1 1 2 3

Any table can be implemented as an interaction completeness behavior performing computation as data flows through the flow paths.

Oscillations, linked in arbitrarily complex structures, spontaneously oscillating, and in their oscillations flowing arbitrarily complex data and performing arbitrarily complex computations purely in terms of logical relationships: no time referent (clock), no explicit control (state machine), no special memory (registers), just animate logical structure.